Fragrance is a product that affect the emotions of people; some fragrances remind you happy memories, a place or a loved one. It is a preference object and also a fashion. For all these reasons the preferences of the consumers and producers change and vary. Kali Kimya follows the trends in the world to create fragrances for both national as well as international taste. All new fragrances are tested for their conveniance and adaptation to the end product that are intended to be used. According to the results in application and stability tests, the fragrances are offered to our clients.

    Research and development laboratory of Kali Kimya performs the following:
  1. New fragrance creation
  2. Fragrance development
  3. Sectoral test of fragrances
  4. Development of fragrances for selected sectors
  5. Provide technical support

These important duties of the Research and Development laboratory are performed by trained chemical engineers and chemistry majored staff.

We work hard to exceed our clients expectations.
To find out the magic scent in your mind will be the only success of Kali.