The main quality principles of Kali Kimya are:
  1. To exceed the present and future demands
  2. Continual development
  3. To keep and improve the quality of its products and services
  4. Employee satisfaction
The main philosophy of Kali Kimya is to keep its products standards, to invest, research and control for continual technical support. The main objective is despite aiming to increase the production capacity; it never tolerates to decrease in quality. Also by the help of R&D department Kali Kimya obviously aims customer satisfaction and to lead the sector with its quality.

    To achieve those aims;
  1. Employee is being conscious about the total quality policy several times and company's objectives are stated clearly.
  2. Domestic and foreign market requirements are determined for customer satisfaction.
  3. ''Inner Inspection'' working groups are being arranged to determine the faults of the system.
  4. For company's future R&D department goes after the new knowledge and technological improvements.