Kali Kimya A.Ž. is a family company that started to work in compound fragrance sector during 1950s under the name of Došaniž Collective Company. At that time, it was only importing essential compositions and selling them in the domestic market. In 1956 a new company was established to produce eau de cologne: Esko Kimya A.Ž. It was one of the initiator companies producing eau de cologne in Turkey by 1956.

Esko Kimya A.S. became the second biggest factory in Turkey and it started to produce compositions for itself. In 1970 Esko Kimya ceased to import essential compositions completely as it had become self-sufficient. In 1973 it decided to quit producing eau de cologne and decided to concentrate only on the production of essential compositions. While the company had been producing essential compositions since 1960s for use in its own eau de cologne, following this decision, the company started to sell its essential compositions in the eau de cologne sector and with the time it expanded its market by selling to other sectors such as cleansing and cosmetics.

In 1984, the family established Kali Kimya A.Ž. that imports raw materials from different countries all around the world, forms compositions by its own formulas, and sells them to companies producing parfum, cosmetics and cleansing materials. Now, in the 2000 s, Kali Kimya is an exemplary of Turkey's fragrance sector with its technical equipment, its research and development laboratory, more than 10.000 compound essential formulations, specialized chemical engineers, and staff.